About Us

Who We Are

Eastern Union Energy  is an indigenous private company limited by shares, established as an independent marketing company to service the energy requirements of various stakeholders in the downstream oil and gas through the marketing and supply of petroleum and allied products, petrochemicals and drilling fluids.

We are An International Oil Commodity Trade Brokers and Consultants
We are engaged in the oil commodity trade brokerage and consultancy services. As commodity trade brokers, the company stands at the vanguard of commodity trade facilitations, conducting ground-breaking contract negotiations, innovating and delivering cutting-edge brokerage solutions and providing exceptional consultancy services for major principals and players in the oil and non-oil commodity business.

What We Do

Authorized Representation/Commodity Trade Faciltation
With our Clients' mandate, we act as a front, represent or act on their behalf to source for, buy, sell or market their commodities and facilitate the successful closure of their trade deals, thereby protecting their identities.

Domestic Supply and Distribution
We also facilitate through Trucking, the local and domestic distribution and supply of both small and large quantities of PMS (Petrol), AGO (Diesel), DPK (Kerosene), JET A1 (Aviation Turbine Kerosene) and LPFO (Low Pour Fuel Oil) for domestic and industrial use anywhere in Nigeria.

Consultancy Services
We provide exceptional consultancy services for our Clients who want to invest into the Nigerian crude and refined oil business.

An Energy Company with a Difference
We make our Clients' protection and satisfaction our utmost priority.

With our valuable connections and collaborations with a number of oil marketers, international oil traders, major buying houses, refineries, conglomerates and national governments; our expertise, experience, and understanding of local, regional and international trade formalities, processes and procedures, we have the competitive edge to fulfill our Clients' energy requirements at all times, within shortest possible time frames.

We go the extra mile to protect our esteemed clients and provide them with credible and best possible deals and contract options that best fit their short and long term budgets.

A Trusted and Reliable Brand
For Buyers, Sellers, financial institutions, refineries, governments, industry majors and other players in the commodity trade market, the Eastern Union brand has become synonymous with excellence, trust, reliability, integrity, and quality service.

HSE Policy
We are proud to maintain a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) program that is integral to all project executions.
We also believe that no part of our operation is more important than our people. It is our goal to minimize risk to all individuals involved with projects and to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

It is also our goal to ensure that through the execution of our projects, we seek to minimize impacts to the environment and to work with all our Clients, Vendors and Stakeholders in that regard.

Quality Policy
At Eastern Union Energy, Quality is an integral part of our Corporate Business Principles. These principles guide our actions to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and preferred by our customers.

Our commitment is to never compromise on the compliance and quality of our products and services. This requires everybody to be engaged, to understand their responsibility in achieving our quality objectives and to be empowered to take action in order to protect our Clients and our brand.

Our Quality Policy summarizes the essential elements of our commitment for excellence and includes:

  • Fostering a quality culture with the objective of providing products and services of the highest standards that are trusted and preferred by our Clients.
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations as well as internal requirements.
  • To be a sector leader in utilization of modern and valid techniques, material and management systems.
  • Continuously challenging ourselves to improve the quality management system to prevent quality incidents, eliminate defects through the review of quality objectives and results.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Eastern Union Energy is a company of high social standards. Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development are the key pillars of our social strategy. We believe that the strong company may not grow without successful social and sustainable policies. Based on this statement we focus on people we work with, environment we care for and the society we live in.